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    No disk in the drive error

      I updated the new version of Security Center on Sunday.  Ever since then, when I try to sync my iPod, I get an error message that pops up.  The title of the message says "Windows - No Disk" and the error it self says "There is no disc in the drive.  Please insert a disk into drive P:."  (where P: is the drive letter assigned to my iPod.  The error has Cancel/Try Again/Continue boxes on it. 


      I know this is related to the updated version of Security Center, because this never happened UNTIL I finished the restart at the end up updating Security Center. 


      I am able to have this message not pop up if I select  "enable disk use" in my iTunes, but I shouldn' have to do that.  Is there a setting in the new version of Security Center I can change to make it not be looking for a disk in this drive?

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          Hi vader,

          Could you please let us know some of the below information so as we could proceed with this;


          What is the operating system that you use ?
          How many partitions do you have in this computer ?
          Let us know if you receive this error as soon as you plug in your IPOD/Only during synchronization ?





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            I'm running Windows XP SP 3

            I've got two hard drives in the machine - 1 partition each.


            The error pops up when I first plug in the iPod and the computer is first communicating with it.  Then again when I synch it.  Every time I synch it, I will get the error.  The iPod still synchs alright, but I never got that error message before I updated Security Center.

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              Ok, So Change the drive letter assignment for the removable drive to a letter other than P,


              To change the drive letter assignments in Windows XP, follow these steps:

              Log on to the computer as Administrator.

              Insert a disk in the removable drive.

              Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.

              Click Disk Management.

              Right-click the partition, logical drive, or volume that you want to change, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.

              Click the removable drive, click it, click Change, click the drive letter that you want to use (somethig Other than P ), and then click OK.

              Restart the computer and then try to syn your Ipod and let us know the status .




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                I did that, and all it did was change the drive in the error message.  I tried changing it to a few different letters and every time the error message still came up, just with the new drive letter in it.

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                  On a whim, I tried disabling Real-time Scanning.  When I did that, I did not get the error.  So then I tried disabling each of the different check boxes in the real-time scanning options individually, but none of them did the trick.  Is there a way I can tell real-time scanning to ignore a specific drive?

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                    Hi vader,


                    No. Only the Enterprise version of McAfee has that ability. McAfee deemed that the Home Users don't need that ability. Of course, Microsoft Essentials I heard has what you want..


                    What version of XP are you running? You have Service Pack 3, but you didn't state which version of XP. I makes a big difference. One has a seperate Administrator and one doesn't.

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                      I'm running XP Home edition.  The user account I use is an administrator account.

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                        vader wrote:


                        I'm running XP Home edition.  The user account I use is an administrator account.

                        Hi vader,


                        What version of McAfee Virusscan, as well as what build of Security Center is being used by you?


                        Previously no one asked you.


                        I run with McAfee Real-Time scanning disabled, because of Beyond TV.


                        But the reason of No Disk in the Drive Error, because VirusScan thinks of the iPod as a Hard Drive.


                        If you turn on VirusScan, there is a setting in VirusScan to ignore the USB Drive and also to Ask you before doing anything.

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                          How can I tell what build I have of  Security Center?  Also, I don't actually have a program labeled "VirusScan".   I get my McAfee through my ISP (AT&T/Yahoo), so possibly I've just got a scaled down version?

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