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    full scan error



      I keep trying to run a full scan, but keep recieving error message: 'An unexpected problem occured during your scan' and says to go back to homepage to try again, but everytime i try again i get the same error. It also says real time scanning is off, and computer is at risk, and i can't seem to switch this on. Any one else had this problem and how to fix it? I am using windows 7 and have Mcafee total protection.


      Thanks in advance


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          Run the McAfee Virtual Technician from HERE.




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            Hi Angela,

            If at all the Real tine scanner is not turned on; you wont be able to initiate a scan in McAfee. So we will have to enable Real time scanner - To do that please run McAfee virtual technician from here : http://mvt.mcafee.com  which is an automated tool that would diagnose and fix any problem with McAfee. Do remember to post your session id .


            If the real time scanner is stil disabled, please let us some of the below information ;


            What is the operating system of the computer ?
            Do you use any other security  software in teh machine ?
            Did you perform any system restore in the machine ?

            Do you have any virus pop ups/alerts in the machine



            Please update us on the status and we will help you proceed further witht this.



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              Hi Angela

              I am also having the same problem but on a Windows XP machine. Prior to my problem I regularly get Mcafee updates and run full scans no problem. Last Sunday I was the victim of a virus which prevented any user action after boot up. Mcafee did not appear to stop it infecting my pc in the first place (I am surprised). I rebooted in safe mode and eventually removed the virus using another (free download) antivirus package. I can now do a normal reboot but the Mcafee full scan consistently fails (quick scan is ok). I ran virtual technician but it was clean. I suspect that there is a conflict between Mcafee and the new installed package (see doc id TS100903). My dilemma appears to be that my new antivirus package works, where Mcafee does not. Do I renew my subscription next time?

              Not much help but you are not alone.


              PS Correct doc ref is TS100376


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                Running the virtual technician did the job and fixed it! Thanks to everyone for their help!