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    Web Upload Filter for HTTP & HTTPS



      I trying to configure Web Upload Filter on MWG 7

      As per my requirement is I want to restrict HTTP HTTPS Uploads with specifiedsize.


      i.e : I want to restrict  HTTP & HTTPS  uploads ( all web uploadsshould allow if  those uploads  below 5 Mb and  any web uploadsmore than 5 mb it should block through HTTP)




      I tried below sample UploadFilterl rule which is availableon McAfee Community.





      As per above sample rule:


      Connection.protocol equals HTTPor HTTPS

      and Command.name to POSTor PUT     [ there is no block  / continue action for HTTP ]


      connection.protocol to FTP and

      command.name to PUT or MPUT.   [ there is block / continue actions for FTP]



      How to define rule only for HTTP & HTTPS traffic with specified upload sizes with block action


      Please guide me how to do that?



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          for SSL you obviously need SSL Scanning to be enabled, as other wise the headers we are looking for will not be available as they are part of the encrpyted SSL portion.


          For the upload rule, it will just be


          Connection.Protocol equals HTTP OR HTTP and Command equals POST then block


          It is notabled that in case you apply this rule - NO data can be posted to the web. Logins won't work, etc.