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    EEFF 3.2.5 help

      Hello guys..


      I have a big problem and need your help to resolve.




      look this:


      Server (windows 2k)have one public encrypt disk.


      clients(xp) have encrypt disk to.


      if one user acess the public disk, OK(by network drive). no problem. He read, write, dell. all acess ok.






      If he acess the server by terminal service. he acess all folders too, and no have problems to read, write, dell in first, second folders.



      in third level, he stop. no read, no write, just list folders.


      if he try save one file in "final" folder show the message below.


      ok ok I know..its not permission. becouse when I remove EEFF this user save files in all folders.




      whats happing ? lol



      tkxs for your help.


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