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    Automating backups



      Do anyone know any way of automating Intrushield (sensors and management) backups to outside the box? I can't seem to find any SCP/FTP/Whatever option to automatically send out the backups when done.


      Thank you in advance.

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          I just wnder why you need to backup sensor?

          I though the manager have all the configuration

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            Backups on the IntruShield Manager usually consit of the just the DB (not the sensor software).  It will only backup locally to the Manager Hard drive.  You will need to implement some other third party backup tool to move these backup files somewhere else off the local box.  hope that help!

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              As mirrorless said, I really don't need to backup the sensor. I thought that they had configuration but they don't :-)


              I'm setting up a batch script to send the backups over SFTP.


              Thank you all, you've been very helpful.