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    New Virus/Trojan infecting laptop - McAfee (& Malwarebytes) not fixed! Help!!

      Last night my PC was taken over by a virus or Trojan which mimiked a Virus checking tool, (I knew immediately it didnt look legit)  then took over my PC stopping all programs from running, plastering my desktop with big red warning letters about a virus and lots of small 1 & 0 in the background.

      I was not able to run McAfee or Malware bytes unless in Safe Mode. Did full scans with both but did not find anything to report!

      The laptop WiFi would not operate in Safe Mode so could not download any DAT updates. Will try downloading on another PC this evening and trying to update the laptop manually that way (any advice /help with that?).


      I have learned in work today that three other people have got the very same virus/trojan in the last couple of days and all are stuck trying to remove it.


      Can anyone help with this?  What is it and how can we get rid of it?

      And how did we get infected, with McAfee running and a firewall?


      Am running a Inel Dell XPS laptop, with Windows VISTA 32bit Home Premium.

      All up to date as far as I am aware.


      Thanks in advance