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    AT&T McAfee upgrade troubles

      A few days ago my AT&T/McAfee Internet Security Suite updated itself to a new version (can't find the version number anywhere). Ever since, I cannot access the internet after waking my computer from sleep mode unless I reboot my computer or reboot my DSL modem. Is there a fix?


      My system:

      HP Desktop

      Windows Vista Home Premium SP2


      P.S. I tried McAfee's on-line chat support which was useless.

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          Follow the below steps to overcome this issue.

          Step: 1 - Open Properties window of the Network Adaptor (NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000… or available network adaptor) from the Device Manager as shown below:

          (Navigation to Device Manager: Click Start > Right Click Computer > Select Properties > Select Device Manager on the left pane)

          net 1.JPG

          Step: 2 – Uncheck the box beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save poweras shown below:

          net 2.JPG

          Step: 3 – Change the network adapter advanced settings to below values as shown below & (Wait about 2Mins):

          Sleep on disconnect: Enabled
          flow control:
          interrupt moderation:
          ip checksum offload:
          jumbo packet: 9014 bytes (this might have no effect for you)
          ALL large send offloads:
          BOTH low power:
          network address: not present
          priority & vlan: priority
          receive side scaling:
          speed/duplex settings: auto
          ALL TCP & UDP offloads:
          vlan id: 1
          ALL wake ons:

          net 3.JPG

          Step: 4 – Reboot the computer in turn to confirm the resolution status.

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            That seems to have worked. In fact, I only needed to do step 2.