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    PROBLEMS: Encrypted 32GB, Stand-Alone USB

      I am using a Stand-Alone 32GB Encrypted USB, Zero footprint drive and have numerous issues:

      1.  I cannot stop the anti-virus engine on the drive.

           a.  This is a problem because we are already running McAfee on our enterprise and it is already set for scan on access.

           b.  The drive thinks many things are viruses, and the pop-up screen is extremely problematic.

                It will pop-up as you're typing and if you happen to hit enter in whatever you're typing at the time, it does the default "Eject"

      2.  The drive does not shut down properly or clean up after itself and causes numerous error messages when shutting down my computer at the end of the day.


      I cannot disable or remove the anti-virus on this drive and it is becoming increasingly frustrating.  As I said, we already use McAfee on the enterprise and don't need it on the flash drive.

      Please advise!