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    Updated Security Center


      Finally received my updated Security Center from my ISP. Sweet. everything seemed to install and upgrade without a glitch.

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          Is it Security Center 10.5? Mine installed 2-22 and I thought everything was perfect. When the update is happenig, and the little circle goes around on the icon,  put mouse over it-does it say installing updates 0%? Does it stay at 0%? Thought it was odd, but seemed to be updating. Later checked reports and it say updates 0.  I looked in navigation-McAfee Resources-About -said virus scan last update 2-28 Dat ver 6270. I waited till after my scheduled scan today to look back. Reports still has 0 updates 0 scans, files scanned 0. But in About- had last update 3-1 Dat version 6271.


          Is your Reports section showing the number of updates or scans? If so, great, if not you have the same problem I have.

          Something to watch for. I'm just curious if someone else has my situation.


          good luck

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            When You did the scheduled scan did it run?


            The scans should show in history and logs.The security report should also give you details does it?

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              Hello Peacekeeper, I'm new to the board and posted in the Security Center 10-2010 about my problem under "Can someone confirm if my virus scan is updating ...." I did not mean to start another thread -sorry.  (move this to my post?)


              To answer- the scheduled scan did start and run.

              Checked yesterday and just checked the Security report today- It shows Last update today 10:30 next 3:26

              but Number updates -0

              scan report 0

              Last scan - no activity

              total items scanned -0

              full, scheduled -0

              items found 3 cookies that was there before the scan


              History & Logs

              under Scan info - nothing

              threats detected - 3 cookies from feb22, 23 & 26

              Incoming events - has a lot of items - all computer unsolicited connection to ICP port ---

              All the others have nothing listed

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                Yes...10.5. The reports does say 0 updates, but if you go to the About section, it will give you the date of the update and DAT number. Oh yes, and the creation date of the DAT will be displayed as well. Should be current. Not sure why the report says 0 updates, even though it has been updated.


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