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    Youtube movies not playing with iPAD client on MWG 6.8.7


      Dear all,


      For our WiFi guest clients we use 2 loadbalanced MWG 6.8.7's in a tranparent proxy configuration.  Browsing the internet and playing Youtube movies on Windows based laptops and Windows Mobile / Android based Smartphones are working fine. But we have a problem with our iPAD clients. Normal internet browsing on the iPAD gives no problem. But playing (Youtube) movies (both with Safari and the Youtube APP) is not possible with the iPAD. We whitelisted youtube.com and other movie content sites but this gives no result. Only when we bypass the MWG we can play the Youtube movies  (For this we changed the loadbalancing configuration). So the problem exist only when the traffic is flowing through the MWG's. When I use my iPAD at home with a direct internet connection there's also no problem playing the video's (both with Safari and the Youtube APP). 


      Has anyone experience with iPAD clients wanting to play youtube movies and MWG 6.8.7?


      Thanks in advance,