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    Migrate Server to new OS


      Ok, so, we have ePO 4.5 running on a 2003 server. I have installed Win2008 and 4.5 on a new server and have it running. I will not migrate the sql database as I want to start fresh. But I have to shutdown old one and rename new one to match old. This way we do not have to change 1000 users' desktops. So, is changing the name of the new server to be the old server straight forward in ePO? Or will I have to change a lot of stuff?


      Anybody have any thoughts or problems with this scenario?

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          Your primary problem will be with agent communication to the new server as in ePO 4.5 + MA 4.5 the encryption keys used for agent communication are tied to the specific ePO server.

          It's quite likely the MA 4.5 agents won't communicate to the new ePO server unless the agents are pushed out again to refresh the keys.


          See McAfee support articles:








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            I read the second KB66616 article. But I do not plan on importing the SQL data. I want to start fresh as the current ePO has many problems. I will look into the others you lsited.


            So changing the name won't change the key for the agents huh? So I might as well not even worry about the name or IP if I have to re-push the agent info.


            Thanks Rob

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              Also note the new Agent to Server communication is over 443, so plan accordingly on your firewall.

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                yup, we have them already going over 443 which internally is not blocked.


                It has come to our conclusion that we will not rename the server but keep the server name and IP. Just push a host file down and change the agents when they login. That way is much easier.