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    NSM 5.1 - Connection to Update Server is down

      Hi All,


      On the home page of the Network Security Manager 5.1, I have a message that connection to update server is down.


      On the same server where the network security manager is (I only have one sensor so I use Windows 2003 SP2 server) I am able to access the internet using the same IE6 browser, so what could be the problem? What port does the NSM use to access Update Server for updates.





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          This is most likely a DNS issue on the NSM machine.  We recently adjusted our DNS mappings for the download server, and it may be that the NSM still has the old DNS mapping


          You can try the following:


          On the local machine where the NSM software is installed, go to "Start>Run" and enter "cmd.exe"

          At the following DOS prompt, enter the following command


          Ipconfig /flushdns


          This will flush the DNS cache on the system and force the system to relearn DNS to IP Addresses.  Restart the NSM services and see if that makes a difference


          You might also open your browser (on the local NSM) and try pointing to



          The browser should track down the current DNS info, and prompt you with a login screen.  If it does you can just close out the dialog and try NSM again (as browser has now updated your DNS cache, which NSM uses).


          Good luck



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            Thanks Sgrossen for your reply.


            I flushed DNS cache and followed the rest of your instructions. I still get the "Connection to Update Server is down"

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              Humm... you may want to open a case for this.  We were having some intermittant issues with our download server, but have since fixed them, so if it is not DNS related, it may require further digging.   Thx