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    Messed Up!!!



      Don't know if I'm in the right place but here's my problem


      Laptop got a virus (yes, I did have Security Centre running and updated)

      Used System Restore to "fix" laptop

      Mc Afee wasn't running well so reloaded from my disk

      Now it won't activate and I think I've wiped my subscription that had over a yer left to run!!!

      Weep and wail

      What next...don't want to part with more cash unless I have to



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          What virus is it, system tool?

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            Peter M



            Unfortunately, despite protection some stubborn malware eventually manages to creep in and that happens to us all.   Always keep some extra anti-malware applications handy and updated just in case.   Remember next time if things wont work in regular mode all of a sudden, try booting to 'Safe Mode with Networking" by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.  Often scans and even updating can be done there.


            After using System Restore you should first of all update your McAfee - can you do that?


            Also after using System Restore to avoid an infection one should always temporarily disable System Restore in order to get rid of the bad restore point.


            You wont have wiped your subscription - it has to be there still.


            I'm assuming that when you right-click the taskbar icon and select Verify Subscription, it wont?


            Contact Customer Service either by online Chat or by phone (toll-free) here:  http://service.mcafee.com/CustomerService.aspx?lc=2057&sg=CS&pt=1


            There is an email option but I don't recommend it as it is extremely slow.  The phone and Chat option is available during opening hours Mon - Fri.


            Meanwhile see if this document helps.


            Next time always go online to your account page to download.






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              It was system tool, just before it crashed my laptop I got an unexpected Java update message so I'm guessing the events are related.

              I've used system restore by pressing F1 then F8 and going from there, got enough control of my laptop to get into control pannel and uninstall system tool and everything else I didn't recognise as safe!!


              Laptop seems to be running ok but I've no doubt all is not entirely sorted out!


              In an effort to resolve the Mc Afee issues I installed windows live essential security then unstalled Mc Afee, ran a  windows full scan, then uninstalled windows live security and reinstaled Mc Afee security centre!....I had a slow afternoon


              I've updated Mc Afee and am running a full scan but.... Virtual Technician still says I've no Mc Afee products installed!!!



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                Did you run MCPR after uninstall.Not sure but Windows resource moniter says Mcafee is not installed on my computer.So this is a mystery I guess....

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                  Peter M

                  If you obtain McAfee from your ISP or from people like Dell, etc. often they tailor it specially and MVT often wont recognize it as a result..


                  That shouldn't happen if you download from a McAfee online account.  If you ever have problems there's always online McAfee Chat support.


                  None of the major anitvirus applications are much good at these fake anti-malware things unfortunately because of the way they work.   Hence it's a good idea to keep some free tools such as MalwareBytes around just in case.


                  ...and surf safely.

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                    Hi Kevin,


                    I just joined the forum to say I had the same problem today on what has always been a very stable desktop. I was busy on fleabay when a bloon pop-up told me to update Java, being a busy chap I just clicked 'Update' and unwittingly downloaded and then executed (I thought it was the Java install) a malicious programme which locked-out windows and turned off my firewall and McAfee suite and would not allow me to switch them back on. It looked like it was a virus removal programme itself and kept trying to make me part with cash to remove the 'problems' it had detected.


                    Being a complete virus novice, I just ripped out the network cable.


                    I think I have now fixed it by running windows in safe mode and using a restore point from last week. I have updated the McAfee files again, but various 'Full Scans' have not detected any virus's or Malware??? I know something was definetly executed because the main windows wallpaper told me that if I valued my loved-ones I would pay up!!! Given my kids appalling behaviour today I'm not valueing them too highly and so far the system restore appears to have restored stability.


                    Any tips greatly appreciated!




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                      Peter M

                      You did the right thing.  As I stated earlier these fake anti-malware entities aren't easily detectable by regular antivirus as they work in devious ways.


                      There's a good description and guide to removal here, for anyone else reading this:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-system-tool


                      Scroll down the page.


                      That's serious that it's now masquerading as a Sun Java update and is porbably how it gets around antivirus applications because it is just waiting for people to click something.


                      Be extra careful.   Conincidentally Java did update just the other day for me, but I always double-check.

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                        I did something similar but was not convinced I was sorted. While thrashing about for solutions I downloaded windows live essentials security free (name not right but something like it) and ran it in full scan. It took about 4 hours! but it found a "java trojan" that Mc Afee didn't. After deleting the trojan I uninstalled windows essentials and re-installed Mc Afee via dell....


                        Might have done all the wrong things but at least I found a good guy programme that caught a bad guy programme! - that felt good!


                        I'm still unconvinced that all is 100% well and am going to install spybot which is free and I've used it before on my clunky on windows xp desktop. The irony is I've always used free anti-virus software and never had an issue. I wanted Rolls-Royce protection for my laptop so have bought a subscription and now wonder if it does what it says"on the tin".

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                          Peter M

                          As I've said, none of the major antivirus applications are good at these things that's why there are specialist tools out there.


                          See this page for some reocmmendations: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168

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