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      I got the above virus last night and it took over my computer not allowing me to do anything. After much hassle and stress I managed to do a system restore to a pre-virus state and since then the computer has run ok.


      My question is..is the virus still lurking somewhere undetected and do I need to do anything else such as running the stinger or malware-bytes??


      Many thanks for the help.

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          Peter M

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          You have probably prevented any damage but you should now temporarily disable System Restore in order to delete the restore point that is holding the malware.

          After a reboot you can re-enable it.

          You might want to keep an updated copy of Makwarebytes (free version only) installed  and run occasionally as a precaution .  It's always wise to have some extra anti-malware tools handy.

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            System Tool was a head scratcher... I could not find any signs of the method by which it was starting itself at boot either in my registry, msconfig or Start menus.


            So along the same line as the original post I ask: presuming that the System Tool .exe has been deleted what is the likelihood that either Malwarebytes or GetSUSP will detect any registry settings by which System Tool can reload / regenerate itself?

            • 3. SYSTEM TOOL VIRUS
              Peter M

              System Tools is now cleanable by McAfee VirusScan or Stinger.