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    Internet Security 2011 not updating

      Hi there I have just purshased  two 3 licence packs for this years antivirus protection.

      4 computers use Windows XP sp3 and they say updates avalable but check internet connection. I know that the internet connection work because if I uninstall and reinstall it updates then the next day back to not updating.

      2 machines use Windows 7 and the Mcafee Internet Security 2011 works perfictly

      If I try to run Vertual technicain on any of the 4 windows xp sp3 machines vertual technicain does not find Mcafee Internet Security 2011 But finds site adviser and finds no fault with it.


      Can anyone help me with this problem


      windows7 home premium 64bit

      windows7 profesional 32bit

      windows XP pro 32bit

      Netgear wnr3500l router

      Iburst modem.

      South Africa.


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          Hi there,

          I’ amazed by the way you expressed the issue here . Clear n crisp. 


          Please let us know some of the below details so as we could deal this;


          First regarding the update problem :

          On your win xp computer ,

          Click on Start – Click on Run

          In the open prompt type – drivers

          Find and open the folder that says etc

          Right click on the file Host and select Openwith – Use Notepad to open the file.


          Now, look that there are no additional entries added to your host file that might block the updates.

          Here’s a sample host file for your reference, If you find any additional entry , delete them and save the host file accordingly.

          Host file1.JPG



          If the host file  seems right -


          Click on Start – Click on Run

          In the open prompt type – cmd

          In the command prompt window type – download.mcafee.com (There is a space in after ping)

          And let me know the reply you receive is valid or a loop back address like :



          Regardind MVT not detecting the installed products, from the system in which you have the issue,

          Open security center

          Click on Navigation - (top right corner)

          Click on About and let me know the version of Security center and the Aff id no below that






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            Hi Dinz

            Host Files are ok on all 4 xp machines

            Ping to downloads.mcafee.com is correct

            Security center is not present on the xp machines the about starts with Mcafee Virus scan

            on the windows 7 machines it is mcafee security center 10.5 affid is 0-1263.


            Thanks from Craig

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              Hey craig ,

              On the xp machine I suspect there happened  an incomplete installation  and that’s why security center is not listed in the About section. Run the MCPR removal tool from Useful links at the top of this page and reboot the machine.

              Once done – login here http://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp with your McAfee credential and re-download the software and everything should be fine.