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    Just installed MVM7.0, Having IIS issues



      I just installed MVM 7.0 and when I click on the Enterprise Manager icon, I get server error 404 - file or directory not found.



      Windows 2008 Sp2 and SQL2008 Sp1:


      1) installed IIS 6 completely  then rebooted

      2) installed SQL 2008 then rebooted

      3) installed SQL 2008 SP1 then rebooted

      4) ran MS update  then rebooted

      5) installed MVM7.0  then rebooted

      6) verified IIS, SQL and Foundstone service are all running


      I then wanted to run a basic scan to make sure it was all installed correctly and running.

      Well it's installed and the services are running, but when I click the desktop icon 'Enterprise Manager' I get the 404 error.

      I suspect the issue is with IIS, but I'm no IIS expert and really need to get this operational.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      James Webster