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    Allowing programs (.exe) problem

      Hi - I have a problem regarding to this issue.


      The online support on Mcafee is terrible which I spoke to 2 people about it, the support is ridiculous and unhelpful which I decided to try here.


      The problem I have is I want to use an application (.exe) however this is detected as a virus/trojan which immediately gets removed as soon as I extract it from a .zip file.


      The only time I can use this application is if I temp-disable real time scanning and allowing the .exe on the firewall list (or is there anyway to add allowed programs?) which is fine and then if I turn the real time scanning while the .exe is running - it immediately gets deleted.


      I know this application is safe and a false positive due to many users using this and also, this application 'hooks' onto another application using a .dll which I can see why its considered as a virus/trojan.


      As far as I know, only Mcafee detects this problem, Microsoft security essentials doesn't. Anti-malwre bytes also picks this up as a virus however is fine when you can allow/ignore it. - which is fine because this program is safe.


      I have been using this program on another laptop/comp for a year and its totally safe.


      Is there anyway around this? I've reported this to webimmune and the results show inconclusive so I would assume its fine (when I already know, so why is it getting removed?).


      There must be a fix around this other than temporarily disabling the real time scan in order to use the program..