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    Fake Alert Trojan - XP Home Security (Unregistered Version Please Register) HELP

      I have PC Running XP (Service Pack 3)

      - Mcafee Anti Virus Plus


      I have an infection of what looks like a fake XP Home Security Scan.

      The system boots up and immediately open up 'what looks like' Microsoft XP Security Centre and starts a scan, it is telling me I have multiple Viruses, (worms, trojans)

      The screen almost looks like a Microsoft Screen but I am pretty sure it isnt. - Its says it is a 'Unregistered Version' Of XP Home Security and prompting me to register.


      I am also getting multiple pop ups from the Taskbar telling me I have serious security threats to my machine.


      I have started up in Safe Mode, ran a complete scan, it does not find anything.

      Yesterday I installed the 6266xdat.exe file which from what I can see is a fix for a similar problem where there is AV Security Pop ups similar to this XP one. (FakeAlertAVSoft Trojan)

      This does not fix the problem.


      Whatever this is it seems to have taken over anything on my machine relating to Anti Virus Security.

      I am also unsure if the Mcafee Screens are actually genuine. Though I do have a Mcafee advice screen saying that it has found Fake Alert and can not remove it whilst the program is running. - machine needs to restart to fix it, a restart fixes nothing.


      Please can anyone Help. I have attached Screen Print.





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