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    McTray.exe grabs Explorer.exe after logon

      Hey guys,


      we have the following problem:

      When you logon to a Client and want to open an explorer it takes several minutes to open.

      I found out that when you kill McTray.exe the explorer window pops open.

      Sometimes when you log off McTray hangs.

      This only happens on machines that have been installed with our latest version of VSE

      and Agent. On machines that have been updated to the latest version, everything is fine.


      No errors in any log, activated McTray debug log, nothing found.


      When we looked closer at McTray's actions during that time we found out that it was trying

      to connect to clr.verisign.net. That won't work as we're using a proxy with authentication.

      That might be the problem.


      So, how can we prevent McTray doing that? What else could be the problem?


      Here's our config:


      Windows XP SP3

      VSE 8.7i Patch 4

      McAfee Agent (Patch 2)

      ePO 4.0 (build 1363)


      Thanx in advance! I've been researching this since yesterday with no results, getting desperate.


      Sincerely, Anouk