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    upset with the McAfee change in format

      I'm coming here because I cannot access the McAfee chat or email. I tried to phone them but was put on hold and finally hung up. I have "AT&T Internet Suite powered by McAfee." Unbeknownst to me McAfee changed their convenient, east layout such as "Maintaining your computer" with its QuickClean, etc., on my desktop computer. They sureptitiously loaded the new program with a new logo. Now the new format is something I can't even navagate.


      I tried to get assistance through their chat or e-mail option under "help."  After filling out the fields, it kept insisting I had the wrong phone number. I tried using both my phone numbers -- and still it kept saying I had an invalid phone number. So I could not send my questions. I tried this several times but to no avail. Very frustrating. I was shut out.


      My son was passing through town and he did some "mysterious stuff," which I can't remember, and I was able to chat with some man/woman in India. I explained my problem to him/her and after about 45 minutes of him/her dancing around on my desktop -- and never really responding to my questions or explaining anything -- said he/she would be e-mailing me some programs to upload. Meanwhile my son had to leave. Then came two e-mails from McAfee. Which were really confusing for me. So I didn't use them. All I want is the previous version of McAfee.


      Fortunately, my laptop still has the old version -- although I fear and keep thinking that will be corrupted with this new format.


      Some days later I got an e-mail asking if I was happy with my assistance. Ah, I hoped I would be given an e-mail address or a link that where I could explain my dillemma. But the link took me back to the chat/e-mail option. And I was denied access again because it kept insisting I was using the wrong phone number. I was shut out again.


      Does anybody know how to fix the telephone-number field?




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          Peter M

          What exactly are you looking for?   Basically you click the items on the main interface to expand them, and for other functions click Navigate, at the top right.  There is also a comprehensive Help section.


          Once you get used to it I'm sure you'll find it more convenient than the previous model.


          The best way to contact Support is online chat and maybe you weren't entering your phone number in the correct format.  Firstly it has to be the phone number you registered with and the email address has to be the same one that you used when registering.


          Enter the phone number as 000-xxx-xxxx where 000 is your area code and the balance is your 7 digit phone number and make sure you have the hyphens.  For countries that don't use the standardised N. American 10-digit dialling, work backwards from your actual phone number, as long as its in the above format.


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            Thanks, Peter. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


            I have been entering my number correctly. Both numbers -- the only ones I have.


            McAfee was installed when I switched to  AT&T DSL from Comcast. I don't remember ever entering my phone number with McAfee.


            Until it acknowledges my phone number -- I can't access McAfee's chat or email. I've tried the pull down menus. Nowhere do I see McAfee Quick Clean or Defragmentation.


            I'm going to call AT&T and see if they can help me. My son should be coming by in a couple of weeks. He obviously knows more about computers than I do.


            Thanks again,


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              Peter M

              Quickclean if not already installed should be installable automatically and then accessible by clicking PC Optimization on the main interface.    It's format has been changed.   Defragmenter and Shredder come up when that is clicked.


              Those are, however, only extensions of already available Windows tools.


              I'll try to flag this and get someone to contact you from support.

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                Peter M

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                  Hi Alewis,

                  I understand that you have spent a lot of time and effort because of this. Please let me know if you are interested in call back from one of our expert technicians. If yes, I have sent you an email requesting to schedule an appointment for the same ; please have it replied and we could get this proceeded.