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    a couple of Questions about EPO and failed Updates

      Good morning every body,



      iam testing McAfee at the moment in a small Test-Environment, with the Versions:
      ePo 4.5

      Agent 4.0.0

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0


      The Installation/Deployment of the McAfee Agend and the VirusScan, and all required Steps for that were done fast, and everything worked fine.

      There are just 2 Things which doesnt work:

      the Dashboard display and also the Clientupdates



      When i try to start the upgrades for Virusscan or McAgent this Message appears (sry for the german Screenshot):





      I cannot understand that it doesnt work. I downloaded all Files by an ePo Task, just for all Softwarepackages in my Mastery-Repository. I replicated it ofcourse to my allocated Repository. After that i started the update manuall on my Clients..

      Anything i forgott to do ?




      My second Problem, my Dashboard:

      I deployed McAfee Agent and Virusscan to my Clients. It works !

      In my Dashboard, i get displayed, that they arent protected:



      and at the "Computerinfo" i cannot see VirusEnterprise at the Point: "installed Software", but under it... it is a bit confusing i think, or just a bad translation to german?!?











      I hope you can understand my Problems, and that anyone knows the answer