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    How to add IPS Exception?

      Hi guys and gals,


      I had a look at HIPS a while back and have only started to revisit it now, and with 8.0. So I'm following the deployment guide and would like to add an IPS Exception to a program we use quite frequently - which utilizes UltraVNC. Now I know there is a signature that deals with UltraVNC, and this is what's blocking it from running - so as a test I added this an exception and it worked fine. But I don't want to completely open that signature up, I want it to be specific to the program running.




      The program that runs we have called petro-vnc.exe so how do I go about adding this specific executable as an exception to the rule?


      I'm running this via EPO 4.5 - any more info needed let me know.


      Your help is very much appreciated and I apologize if something similar has been covered elsewhere.