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    RDS  stops P2055DN



      today we installed RDS in a new subnet. Few minutes after the start the a network printer ( HP P2055DN ) blocked. We had to switch them off an on. We had this same problem with other network printers too.

      The strange thing is, that in other networks we have RDS running and no problem with the same models of printers.


      Is this a known problem and does it depend on some protocols open on the printserver ?




        • 1. RDS  stops P2055DN

          Effectively, yes. If you have the RSD sensor configured to scan the detected devices, then the OS fingerprinting scan can interfere with some devices. (I've seen it in the past with some Kyocera printers, as I recall.)


          Check to see if you have OS fingerprinting enabled - if so you'll need to stop those devices from being scanned, either by disabling OS fingerprinting on that sensor (ePO 4) or by adding the devices as exceptions and configuring the sensor not to scan exceptions (ePO 4.5).


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