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    How to clear a False Positive anti-virus hit?

      I own InstallMonetizer.com.  My software has been tagged by McAfee as containing a virus.  This is wrong, its a False Positive.

      What steps do I need to do to prove we are a clean software?

        • 1. How to clear a False Positive anti-virus hit?

          If you are having problems with a possible Artemis "false positive" detection or another false+ve do the following

          Email the file zipped and password protected to virus_research@mcafee.com password is infected

          (with the word FALSE in the subject line) or to webimmune


          1) Within the message body please provide details of the file being detected (software name, version, file path etc)

          2. You will get a reply back automatically reply to it saying do amanual check you think the file is falsely detected.


          NOTE amend the email address to the 1 above as they seem to be repling on the old 1. that 1 will not get a reply.( use virus_research@mcafee.com)


          Mcafee will then investigate the detection and respond back as appropriate.