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    Network Definition - Don't understand the terminology

      My subject pretty well outlines that I am a novice as regards to McAfee and home networking. I recently added a 2nd PC and wish to have printer sharing operational. I have been able to get the definitions to work when I turn off the firewalls on both systems. I think I have the MS firewall active on both systems and I am able to remotely print on the printer. Here is what I have.


      I have an XP system with a locally attached HP printer. The XP is also cabled to a router I have which supplies the household wireless networking and an attachment to the DSL connection. The wireless was originally for the XP system which is a laptop. The 2nd system is a Win7 system which has a wireless adapter.   Every time I attempt to turn on the McAfee firewall, it kills the print sharing support and the ability for the 2 systems to see each other.


      I think what I need is a reference that will explain (in a very detailed way) how to setup the network support for my home network. Where do I start? I am not a newby as regards to technology in general but am only conceptually knowledgeable when it comes to networking terminology and configuration. I can't believe it is so difficult to define when I have it working already.    

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          Best to read to posts in More like this box on the right of this page 1 there might help



          Also have a look in the  Firewall program permissions and see if it is blocking the spooler?


          I assume all works fine if the firewall is off?


          Also you mentioned windows firewall are both on they should be off on the mcafee installed PC.

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            Can't explain for certain but here is my current status (resolved!):

            • In looking at the 2 McAfee systems (1 subscription & the other = AT&T free suite), I find that now all devices & systems can be seen and are operational. Both McAfee systems are "turned on" and show I am fully protected.
            • I am concluding that a change I made previously (not sure when) is the answer. The McAfee systems being "turned off" were returned to "on" by the daily rebooting we normally do.  The change I believe resolved the issue was:
              • In the firewall configuration (XP system) and in the Network section, I changed the IP address range that included the router and the 2 PC systems from Public to Trusted. I did not immediately test apparently.
            • I believe that my desired file and printer sharing is working, my protection status is "on" and fully protected, and while I cannot  say why for certain, my issue has been resolved.
            • Unless you see major issues with my rational, I intend to consider this discussion as resolved.
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              That is better surprised you did not get a popup when You installed teh second Mcafee askinhg if you wanted to trust the network. Definately public isn't the way to go and the firewalls both of them need the range of IP addresses to cover the network.


              Seems ok now good luck.


              PS I would connect the printer if it has network ability to the router that way you can print from the win 7 PC without turning on the xp box. that is the way I have setup though I have 2 win 7 PCs