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    transparent pseudo authentication/identification only  how ?



      I'm new to the MCAfee Webgateway and I'm looking for a way to 'pseudo-authenticate'  HTTP(S)-proxy sessions for users wich are logged in to the Windows-domain.


      This is done only for accounting purposes, the username has to be logged.


      The webgateway is also being used by users which are not logged in at the domain and the network is not logically separated in different ip-subnets.


      So the webgateway should only ask the username/domainname to the browser. This should be done transparant, so with no pop-ups.

      The users only use Windows as their OS (no Linux or Mac OS X).


      I used NTLM, but of course users which are not logged in to the domain are being rejected.


      Any thoughts on how to achieve this on the webgateway 6.8.7 ?




      Stefan Verkooijen.


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