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    VPN client software



      I'm testing McAfee Firewall enterprise 8. I cannot find VPN client software. Please tell me how to establish VPN client for remote users?


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      Truong Hoang Huy

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          McAfee does not provide VPN client software. McAfee Firewall Enterprise should work with any IPSec compatible client, such as Softremote, ShrewSoft (free), etc.

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            Thank for your support

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              I can use VPN client software to connect to servers with certificate. Now i want to authenticate by users domain to establish vpn connection. How can i config this? Thanks!

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                Be more specific please.

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                  If you mean the user's 'domain credentials' you can authenticate users with XAUTH and an Active Directory authenticator.

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                    Yes, i mean that. Have you got documents for this? Thanks Sliedl!

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                      I don't have any documentation to hand, as it's been a long time since I've had to look at client-based IPSec VPNs (all of my customers have moved over to using SSL solutions - so much easier!).


                      But, as I understand it, you still have to use some kind of 'primary' authentication (such as a pre-shared key) in your VPN Definition - you can't just use domain credentials to authenticate. However, you can then augment the pre-shared key (which, as you know is only entered the once) with an extended authentication (XAUTH) mechanism.


                      Create an Authentication entry for your Active Directory server in the Firewall's Authentication screen.


                      Then enable XAUTH and select your authentication entry in the ISAKMP Server configuration screen (located under VPN Configuration).


                      Lastly, edit your VPN definition(s) and on the Advanced tab look a the "Force XAUTH on rekey" checkbox. If this is enabled, the user will be prompted to re-enter their AD credentials each time the session rekey interval takes place. If you only want to force the user to authenticate when they first establish the client VPN, uncheck this box.


                      The one bit which I really don't know anything about is the client-side configuration as I've never used the Shrewsoft client.


                      A quick online search suggests that all you need to do is set the "Authentication Method" setting in the client to use "Mutual PSK + Xauth". You then enter the pre-shared key value to match up with the one used in the Firewall's VPN definition.


                      Hope that helps.