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    Problem With 'Real Time Scanning'

      Issue: The real time scanning keeps turning itself off. Even when I turn it back on three seconds later (Possibly two, I'm not sure how accurate my timing is XD) it turns off again. This has has become more and more of an issue, mainly because my laptop is old and not a good make to start with. It's about four years old and is a 'Gateway'. Just shows how good they are, considering no one I know has ever heard of them. XD Nevertheless, I think it might have caught some sort of virus... Mainly because when I try to access the computer in anything other than 'Safemode' or 'Safemode with networking' it freezes up after a short amount of time and I have to turn it off. I'm not sure if the issue is related or not. But when I run a scan it tells me there's been issues detected but because I'm running in 'Safemode' I can't actually do anything about it. When I go to look at the issues, it just gives me a notepad document. I mean, normally it tells me there is one issue detected 'Adware Sherv' I think, but I've never been able to remove it/quarranteen(sp?) it. Before it got this bad, I tried several things. Basically whenever it asked me if I wanted it to attempt to fix something I told the computer to go ahead, and it worked for a short while, and 'Real time scanning' would be working for a short while, but eventually it just went back to how it was and things have gone downhill from there. I should be getting a new laptop soon, by anyone's standards this laptop is way past it's sell-by-date. But I'd like to know if there's a way to fix/prevent this from happening on a new laptop. I spend a hideous amount of time on my laptop, (pff, if I'm awake, it's turned on) so any help would be greatfully apreciated. :3


      To break it down:

      Real time scanning turning off.

      Laptop freezing up.(Windows XP btw)

      Having to run 'Safe Mode'

      Laptop 4/5 years old. (Gateway)

      Can't do anything about possible viruses because I've got to run it on 'Safemode'

      Not sure if the freezing/real time scanning issues are connected.