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    ePO not allowing administrator login after password change on McAfee appliance



      I'm new to the McAfee administration world but everything has been working fine until a couple days ago.  We've had a turnover in IT personnel and I have been changing different administrator names\passwords.  All has been going well until I changed the password on our McAfee email and security appliance.  My login will no longer work on the ePO in our virtual server.  I really don't think the two are related as they are seperate apps accessible on different levels (browser on client vs. browser in virtual server) and they never shared the same user id to begin with.  The other thing is that I did change the administrator name\password a couple of weeks ago through our Exhange server using local policies.  No problems anywhere else, however, I've typed a few of  the numerous errors that are displayed on the login screen when I open ePO.  Any suggestions are welcome:)


      DataChannel - Dependency scheduler had initialization error

      LYNXSHLD1510 - dependency EPOCore had initialization error

      AvertAlerts - Dependency scheduler had initialization error


      All of the errors appear to be "initialization errors".  My current guess is that the agents\services need to be adjusted for the administrator name change.  Can anyone let me know if this is correct and how to fix it or if I'm totally off and this is another issue.