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    Hard drive crash + have McAfee End point encryption

      Hi guru's,


      I'm in serious trouble now because I dont have a backup of my 2 yrs data. My laptop crashed 2 days ago and I'm trying to get the data from my hard drive but no luck so far. I had McAfee End point encryption on my laptop. I do not have a safe tech boot disk. I removed and connected my hard drive to a different computer and it detects and shows that as a separate drive but when I try to open it it is not opening. I believe its because I have end point encryption software on my laptop/hardrive.

      How do I decrypt my hard-drive ?Can I create a safe tech boot disk from a different computer and then try to do something ?

      What are my options to get the data from my encrypted hard-drive ?


      Please help !

      Any suggestions will be highly appreciatated.


      thank you,