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    Failed to connected to IP

      Once in a while both our Ironmails cant seem to connect to a destination.  Eventually, could be a year, communication is restored.
      Netwrok staff say there was no restrictions.  The log is as follows.  Does anyone else have this issue.  I believe its an issue at the destination.
      I cant do a test port from the Ironmails.
      Failed to connect to IP:domain -|168.x.x.x:cityofXXX.org|
      Connecting to MX -|XXX.ci.XXX.XXX.us|
      20110215:09:03:44|52791678|9489|Connecting to A -|168.XXX.XXX.X|
      20110215:09:04:59|52791678|9546|Failed to connect to IP:domain -|168.XXX.XXX.X:cityoXXX.org|