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    Problem with "Update Master Repository"


      I just found out that I have this problem. I'm not able to update master repository, it comes with this message:


      Started: Pulling content from McAfeeHttp to Current branch

      Command aborted, another pull command is already waiting for other tasks to complete

      Update Master Repository (Repository Pull successful from McAfeeHttp to Current branch)


      This job runs once a day. I also get an error on another job "Repository Replication"


      Started: Performing incremental replication to all repositories

      Command aborted, another replication command is already waiting for other tasks to complete

      Repository Replication (Cannot execute command. The master repository is busy.)


      This job also runs once a day, 12 hours after "Update Master Repository"


      I have restartet my ePO several times and it doesn't help (ePO 4.5 patch 3)


      I've tried to logon directly on the ePO server and delete the latest DAT file from there, it then gives me "delete.package.REPOMAN_LOCK_COPYPACKAGE"

      I can answer Ok or Cancel to this, if I answer Ok it just pops up again.

      If I try to Change Branch I get this pop up "change.branch.REPOMAN_LOCK_COPYPACKAGE" and a Ok button. Nothing happens when I press Ok.


      For me it seems like a command in the database gone wrong but I haven't a clue about databases :-(


      Anyone got a suggestion ?


      Thanks in advance



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          I would check the Server Task log to see if there is a task (either Pull or Replicate) that was terminated or still "In Progress". Also, the master repo is locked during the installation of extensions. Have you added anything new recently?


          Just as a side-note: Whenever the Master Repository content changes, the Catalog Version is changed. When clients perform updates they compare the Catalog Version from ePO with the repo they are pulling from to ensure that repo is a valid source. So... never create a Pull task without including a Replication task as the second step in the same task; otherwise, you will have agents that do not pull from the repository you intended because it hasn't yet been replicated to.

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            Hi Joel.


            I have a few jobs with status "Terminated" but none with "In Progress". I haven't installed any extentions lately (not since January 25th) My problem started on feb. 10th.


            Do you know of a way to stop the locking of the master repo ?



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              Are you using Agent Handlers, if yes, restart them first, and try again



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                Check the sitestat.xlm file under C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software......

                Open the XML file and check the of Sitestatus status, if its not enable stop the services and enable it.....



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                  To look into the issue, please share the complete EpoApsvr.log, server.log file (\Program files\McAfee\ePO\DB\Logs).


                  The very first thing, I will do is that se the 'ePO Application server service' to run with Domain admin account rather than deafult system account.