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    Slow Backup in ArcServe R12.5 after McAfee


      Slow Backup in ArcServe R12.5 after McAfee


      I have in the past, SEP in a WIndows 2008 R2 File Server and recently we changed from SEP to McAfee

      After that, the backup is very slow. IN the past The file server could be backud up in 6-8 hours. 1.8TB in almost 2 million files


      After install of the McAfee Enterprise the backups are lasting 12 hours and sometimes 16 hours


      I tried to create a scheduled task to stop McAfee at the beginig of the Backup and start again in the end of the backup, but each 5 minutes the McAfee starts again


      Wha t can i do?


      Exclude process from ArcServe from being scanned by McAfee?

      Disable real-time protection?


      Any suggestions?

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          Most of of the time I see this, administrators choose to exclude the backup process from scanning by using different policies for low-risk, default, and high-risk on-access scanning.


          When choosing when the on-access scanner should evaluate a file it differentiates between read, write, and open for backup. If your backup software actually behaves in a way that falls into that last category, you could uncheck that option, rather than managing the low- and high-risk polices in addition to the default process policy.