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    Performance issue with VSE8.7i + Macroview DMF + Outlook 2003


      Hi all, we have a performance drop issue.

      When Outlook 2003 SP3 + VSE8.7i with patch 3&4 + Macroview DMF client 6.7 are installed, and Word is selected as the email editor, it takes about 7 - 10 seconds to new message window to appear. When you disable the Buffer Overflow Protection, it only takes 2-4 seconds.

      We've added Outlook.exe in the BOP exclusion, added Outlook.exe in the Low-Risk process exclusion,  whitelised the server url (KB65382), and even tried KB50981 but all to no avail......

      On a lab machine, we've applied latest update to Outlook 2003, but still the same problem.

      No problems with Outlook 2007.


      I have been talking to tier 1 support today, after some diagnostics sent the Mer result and waiting to hear from them,

      (While investigating, he told me to remove Outlook.exe from High-Risk process protection, and added it to Low-Risk process exclusion.)


      Has anybody dealt with Macroview and somehow resolved issue?