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    Pkgcatalog.z file


      I tried to check in a package this morning (Agent 4.5 patch2) I got the following Message

      "Package missing required pkgcatalog.z file"

      The name of the file i tried to check in was EPOAGENTMETA.ZIP is this the correct file?


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          That is the filename for the Extension that corresponds with the McAfee Agent. But, you should install that extension before deploying the new version of the Agent anyway. In 4.0, I believe it's Configuration > Server Settings > Extensions > then click "Install Extension" from the bottom left.


          The Agent package to check-in to the Master Repository should be called something like MA450P2Win.zip or MA450P2Win_Embedded.zip

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            In ePO i go to Menu>software>extensions>McAfee agent>install extension then I browse to EOPAGENTMETA.ZIP

            does this sound correct? Also, I need to check-in package for VSE 8.8 will I need to install an extension for that too?


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              Yes, it looks like you're in the right place to install extensions.


              Inside of VSE880LML, you should see the following ZIP files, each is an extension that you should install/update.

              • epo45_help_vse_880.zip  --> Only install this one if you're running 4.5, in 4.0 the help files are all bundled together.
              • VIRUSSCAN8800(169).zip
              • VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip
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                Glad you are replying to my issues. thanks you. I am run ePO 4.5. So what is epo45_help_vse_880.zip (Just help files). Just to verify I need to extract the ZIP file VSE880LML to get to the Extension files. VIRUSSCAN8800.ZIP and VIRUSCANREPORTS120.ZIP. does it matter which one I install first?



                Also I want to bring agent 4.5 patch 2 and VSE 8.8 in as evaluation branch. I need to test the install before I put it in production.



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                  The help extension provides updated help content for the "?" within the ePO console.


                  If there is ever an order requirement, or if you try to install an older version than what is already there, ePO will give you ugly red messages stating as much.

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                    Yes, it's help file.


                    Yes, you need to extract these extension files form VSE 8.8 package (epo45_help_vse_880.zip, VIRUSSCAN8800.ZIP and VIRUSCANREPORTS120.ZIP).


                    You can install them in any order.

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                      Agent 4.5 p2:

                      I installed the extension EPOAGENTMETA.ZIP and checked in the MA450P2Win.zip.

                      Agent 4.5 P2 is now the current version to install in client task product depolyment.

                      I have pushed it to my laptop the show log shows the install of Agent 4.5p2 (1810) completed.

                      However, when I look at the shield on the laptop it still shows agent 4.5 (1429). When I look at the system details for my laptop in ePO it still show the old version as well. Did I miss a step? It has been a couple hours since the upgrade and the PC has checked-in a couple times with ePO.


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                        Double check that the Client Task you created...

                        • It should be a Product Deployment (not a Product Update)
                        • You should see 1810 selected as the product to install
                        • The switch "/upgrade" is provided in the Command line options field (this makes it run equivalent to double-clicking the upgrade package)
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                          Adding the /upgrade did NOT make a differrence. Not sure what to do next? Maybe no / before upgrade command

                          Screen prints added:



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