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    5.2.1 update and relay servers



      I have over 100 sites that require the new 5.2.1 update and I was wondering if someone could confirm that the product upgrade is pulled by my clients from their local relay server, or whether they have to pull them from McAfee via internet?


      My thought is that if the clients have to go over the internet for this update, then it will cause alot of traffic, however, if they do pull from the designated relay server, then this will make life alot easier.



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          Hi Pedrocks,

          I have researched on your issue and I see that you want to push the new version of McAfee SaaS 5.2.1 from the relay server to all the 100 client computers that you have.

          Yes, this is possible. Please update the Relay server with the new version 5.2.1 and then all the 100 client computers can receive their updates/upgrades from the relay server.

          Please contact us if you have any more questions regarding this.


          Pritish P.