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    How to be sure a trojan horse downloader is gone

      Up until last week I used AVG Free Anti-virus for scanning my computer. Out of the blue came an alert that I had two trojan horse downloaders (Trojan horse Downloader.Generic10.CEAB) and I immediately had them moved to the virus vault. The following day, I did another scan and another two trojan horse downloader warnings came up (same generic name, different file locations) which I again put in the virus vault. I followed the steps of turning off Restore, scanning, and re-booting the system in safe mode, but as a double precaution I went and got McAfee Total Protection 2011 installed (I removed AVG).


      When I ran scans with McAfee two days in a row, nothing came up. My question is, how can I be sure that the trojan horse downloader is gone? I'm wary of checking email and going online as I want to be sure this trojan is gone and not lurking in the background somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas about this?