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    Mcafee EMM installation - Single server mode

      Hi All,


      I would need some help regarding the mentioned Mcafee product.


      I wanted to create a simple test scenario and the installation of the EMM went fine.

      I have arranged users for provisioning mobiles, however this works for Iphone users only.


      I have seen in the installation guide, that for Windows Mobile the app wants to install some TDDM*.cab file.


      I have found a file named TDDM files install.exe. When I tried  to install it stucks at the browse for server to install to. It also lest me to authenticate with the SQL server account which was installed by the Single server installation embedded SQL server. It looks that this SQL server is installed fine and I can open it up. However this TDDM installation tries to install itself to another machine in our comapny environment as it found an SQL server on it. But it does not want to install to the local server that houses the MCAFEESQL server.


      I have played with the other SQL server and it looks that the SQL server browser (which is in a stopped state on the local server and cannot be started as no application are linked to it) causes the issue.

      As soon as I stop it on the other company machine the installer does not want to install there but also I still cannot get it work on the local server.


      Please let me know if I might think it right that those files are need to be installed in order to get the Winmo PDAs working in the EMM environment. Currently if I log into the EMM portal from a Winmo instead of seeing the installer I get nothing just the logout button.


      Also how can I get this TDDM isntaller get installed to the correct server ?


      Thanks in advance !