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    Can't Turn Firewall On

      I am using Total Protection 2010.  My OS is Windows 7.  My computer is a Dell Inspiron 530.


      I was trying to trouble shoot an HP printer problem and was advised to check my firewall to insure it would allow certain HP functions to pass.  When I opened the McAfee Center it said the fire wall is on, but when I went to check what was allowed to pass by the firewall that screen said the fire wall is off.  When clicking on the ON button, the fire flashs to ON then back to OFF.  I can't turn the firwall on, and it has no entries in the area that should show which programs are allowed to pass.


      I reinstalled Total Protection 2010 and still have the same thing.  The top screen shows the firewall is on, the screen showing what programs can pass is empty and shows the fire wall is off and I"m unable to turn it on.


      Any help would be sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

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          Hi Brondall,

          As the first step, please run McAfee virtual technician from here http://mvt.mcafee.com and post us your session id back here.

          1.       Then, Click on start and click on Start search ; then type: services.msc & press enter.

          2.       Among the list of programs search for a service that says : Windows Firewall Service

          3.       Right click on it and then select properties, Select the type to be as Automatic

          4.       Then Click on the tab that says : Recovery

          5.       Change all the failures to Restart the service ; hit on Apply and then OK


          Do the same steps (1-5) to the service -  McAfee Firewall .


          Restart the computer and let us know the status

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            I can't thank you enough!  Your solution fixed my problem.  I have spent 4 hours this AM on the problem.  I reinstalled the software, no joy!  The McAfee Live Chat Tech reinstalled the software remotely.  Again no joy!!


            Thank you so very much.



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              HI Dinz,


              I can't seem to fix my problem - followed your advice did all of the things you suggested, updated McAfee (no new updates), tried the Virtual Tech Session ID is 31687207.


              On the McAfee Security Centre Firewall it shows that it is on, in the home page, when I click on Settings it shows that the Firewall is off and when I click 'on' to turn it on it just flicks momentarily to on then back to off. I can't seem to fix it!


              Can you help?


              Please and thanks....!





              PS..everything in the settings page of the Firewall is inaccessible I can't turn anything on....


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                According to the logs of McAfee Virtual Technician (Session ID: 31687207). It shows the McAfee Firewall Service “McMPFSvc.exe” is missing or corrupted for some reason. This may happen most probably because of any other antivirus loaded on the computer or due to some compatibility issues.


                You can try following the below steps:


                Step 1: Please login to your McAfee Account page through www.home.mcafee.com

                Step 2: Select download and kindly do a custom installation for Firewall feature alone as shown below, and kindly update us on the status.

                forget pass 0.JPG

                Custom Installation.JPG

                Custom Installation 2.JPG

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                  Thank you tried that no changes to the firewall issue> I have notice something though...and it has to do with McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service - here is the odd thing - The path to excutables (something like that) here is the path... "C:\WINDOWS\system32\mfevtps.exe" could this have something to do with my problems - ?


                  Sorry to be such a pain in the butt!!





                  And I can't change its Recovery response to restart service from Take No Action the message I get is "Unable to open service mfevtp for writing on Local Computer. Error 5: Access Denied


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                    We are really sorry for the situation, finally once you can try uninstalling your McAfee consumer products using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel and use the below link to remove all the installed McAfee products:



                    And please try to do a fresh installation using the below link: