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    VS 8.8 roll out



      We are looking to roll out VS8.8 to all our machines.  Previously with patch updates for 8.7 checking them into the repository would mean that the update is applied the next time the machine checks for a new DAT.


      But what is the normal proceedure you should use to deploy a new version? I have updated some machines by creating a 'run imdediatly' task which is fine. However, naturally, some machines were not on or didnt get updated for some reason.



      I'm not sure what task type i should use, as if i did a task such as run on login or run at X time of day for the next month i would be concerned that machines that already have 8.8 would install it again and again.


      Is this the case? is there any way to set conditions that say 'if you already have 8.8 ignore the task' - or would they naturally ignore?



      Thanks in advance

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          Laszlo G

          Hi Matthaus, if a computer has already installed VSE 8.8 it will just download the catalog.z file at each task execution but won't reinstall the product so you don't need to worry about this.


          As of your shedule you can select the "run missed task" option on your task, so every computer who starts after the hour you selected for task execution will run at the moment they start (you can delay the missed task for 10 minutes, it will be best for your computers)

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            Thanks for the reply. So just to clarify - a product deployment task is what i want to use to go from 8.7 - 8.8? - and it will ignore it if the product is already there?



            I know for the patches a normal updates task did the job, and as you say would only do a .dat if the patch was already in place.

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              Laszlo G



              That's right, you'll have to use a deploy task and VSE 8.8 will only be deployed if it's not yet installed (so it won't install it again)