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    "Windows Optimal Settings" malware in Vista Premium

      I was so unfortunate that my desktop computer was infected with the "Windows Optimal Settings" malware program.  Once Vista premium was infected it was impossible to call up McAfee, IE, and/or the task master, the program simply closed them down immediately.  Even in "save mode with networking" the problem was exactly the same.  By downloading "avg_free_stb_all2011_1204_cnet.exe" from AVG site on a memory stick using another computer then with it on the infected Vista desktop downloaded the full AVG free scanning program. Then after un-installing the Mcafee, the program that prevented this disaster from happening, I scanned the computer with the AVG, which in turn conveniently removed the malware.

      Unfortunately this is not the first time that a malware program disabled McAfee completely, previously it was on a XP computer. My question is why are they unable to prevent this?


      Being a new user I am not familiar with how to use this site and hope it will be published for others to see and learn about it.

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