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    Unmountable Boot Volume - cannot remove EPPC


      Laptop with Endpoint Encryption shuts down unexpectedly.


      After McAfee EEP logon screen I get a blue screen of the death “Unmountable_boot_volume”. Same issue if we choose “safe mode, last good know configuration…”




      I’m “Authenticated from SBFS” and “Authorised” using BartPE with Safetech but when trying to lunch  remove EPPC nothing happens, I only can se “Safeboot removal process started, opening disk manager”  it seems hang…




      Also if I lunch A43 or total commander nothing appears..




      Any suggestion?






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          Can you post full (all [+] expanded) Disk Information from WinTech/SafeTech tool?

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            Peter_eepc, thanks for your quick respond.

            Here it’s:


            -Logical Disk Number: 0

            ---GUID: 00000000:0000:0000:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00

            ---Alg ID: 00000012

            ---Database ID: 27015CAD

            ---Machine ID: 00003EA3

            ---SBFS Sector Map: 0079652623

            ---SFBS Sector Map Count: 0000000003

            ---Key Check: E707EB5E032B17B6

            -Crypt List

            ---Region Count: 1

            ---Region 0

            ------Start Sector: 0000000063

            ------End Sector: 0312576704

            ------Sector Count: 0312576642

            -PowerFail Status

            ---Status Inactive

            -Partition 0

            ---Partition Number: 1

            ---Partition Type: OS/2 HPFS (0x07)

            ---Partition Bootable: TRUE

            ---Partiton Recognised: TRUE

            ---Partition Drive Leter: C

            ---Partiton Start Sector: 0000000063

            ---Partition End Sector: 0312576704

            ---Partiton Sector Count: 03125576642

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              You may try to remove encryption using SafeTech, or Force Crypt - decrypt sectors.

              You have all neccessary information in screen above. Use exported machine information (to SDB file), but verify that first and last sector in a pertiton, can be decrypted with that SDB. For that, use workspace functions.

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                Hello Peter_eepc,


                I have never done a Force crypt-decrypt, can you please describe the process a little bit more or send me a link where I can found the needed information.


                Thanks a lot.



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                  Export machine information (deselect users and file sets) to SDB file. Put SDB file on WinTech\SafeTech floppy or USB stick.

                  Boot PC with WinTech/SafeTech utility from floppy (or CD-ROM if you converted floppy image to bootable CD)


                  Authenticate from database - point to SDB file on floppy or USB stick.

                  Work with Workspace, load sector 63 from disk to workspace, decrypt workspace - see if there is clear text, if it is then proceed

                  Do the same for sector 312576704

                  If still good, go to Force Crypt menu, choose decrypt sector range and use 63,3125576642

                  Make sure that PC power is uninterrupted during decryption.

                  After is all done, replace MBR with Original MBR, or run fixmbr from Windows install disk.

                  Keep machine of the network and remove EEPC client (sbsetup  -uninstall).

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                    Done, but after 30 minutes decrypting I get this error message:

                    Endpoint Encryption Error

                    Error code 0xe0020007 – description: error reading disk sector.


                    Something more that I can try? Or everything is lost?