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    What are the ports needed to open for policy sharing btw two ePO systems?

    Attila Polinger



      we have a test ePO environment which is identical to our production ePO environment asf ar as ePO server version and extensions, products are concerned. We would like to share VirusScan 8.x policies between them. Test ePO database resides in a separate sql server also within the test environment.


      We have a firewall between production and test environment.


      I'd like to ask this: what ports and towards which server (test ePO and test sql) need be open from the production ePO server (assumed)?

      Since I have to ask someone else to open these ports and also him or another one to look into some logs to troubleshoot connection, I would very much appreciate answer also complete with log names (other than test ePO orion.log) to be used here.


      So far ports 1433 and 1434 are open from prod. ePO to test SQL.


      Thank you in advance.