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    Total Protection2010- HELP!  Update dnlds reset before done!  Need manual dnld link!  AutoUpdater needs Resume feature!

      Please help!  I can't update my McAfee VirusScan (I have Total Protection2010)!  The update download % resets to 0 before it can finish every time!

      I have a VERY SLOW internet connection (56K modem) and need a manual download link (this http://download.nai.com/products/licensed/superdat/english/intel/6256xdat.exe is no good- doesn't recognize my McAfee (also- wierd thing is I downloaded that from the DAT tab- not the SuperDat tab on http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security-updates/security-updates.aspx and yet look at that- superdat!).) so I can download the update with my dnld manager so I can pause & resume the dnld & so forth (LIKE I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO W/ the McAfee AutoUpdater!) so if something happens I don't have to start back at 0% every time and never get the thing downloaded...!!   Plus, I should also add, I've had a crisis of a different sort going on in my life lately, that's why I haven't been online this year until now and how the file got so big...my bad on that point...    Also, I'm Extremely disappointed that not only did I have to go through a ton of needless ridiculous downloading hassle to try to Chat with someone (to no avail- read on), shouldn't have to download just to chat!, but when I finally did get done with all that, apparently the Chat doesn't even work on my PC!  (maybe because it doesn't work with Win2K, I dunno, but that SHOULDN'T Be an issue!!)  finally, I'm running a single-core Intel P4....

      I really wanted to get my AV updated BEFORE I started my browser...so much for That idea...


      Anyway, any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated-  Thanks!! 



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