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    McAfee Security Scan Plus thinks a website is dangerous - is there facts?

      Hello folks.


      I got really upset with the "support" web pages - they give different support options depending on which browser you use, but they all have in common that you will never get through to get any way to contact Mcafee - Chrome gave an email option, but it wasn't selectable. IE managed to open a chat window, but it was totally empty and dead, and so on. I thought I should give the community a shot, I have more faith in you than in all of Macafee corp at the moment. ;-)


      Question: I got McAfee Security Scan Plus installed with Adobe once. I now claims it has found a risk, and of course wants me to purchase more products.


           1 Dangerous website

           These websites are connected with serious risks: 

           * koolphp.net      


      (my translation back to english)


      So, my question is: Is there any facts behind why this website is marked as dangerous?