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    Very Slow Update Downloads

      Recently (over the past week), the daily updates have been extremely slow to download.  At times it has taken up to an hour.  I have a broadband connection and have never had problems with this issue before.  Also, I have Mcafee installed on three computers and they all experience the same issue so I don't believe that it is a problem with my machine.  Any ideas as to why this is occurring?


      One more thing that I forgot to mention...the percentage indicator next  to "downloading updates" will backtrack.  It will reach a number, say  14% complete, then drop back to a lower number.  What gives?



      on 13/02/11 4:00:39 EST PM
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          I have seen the same thing here as well. The updates have been taking longer than normal and sometimes the percentage will either backtrack or simply sit at 0% Completed and then suddenly go to Installing.


          System is P4 with WinXP.


          Also , no updates for the past 2 days. When I try to manually do it , it comes back with "your software is up to date".



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            Do you have some web browser toolbars? Most of them don't let McAfee update correctly. Remove all of them and try to manually look for updates.