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    Error in update DAT

      Good morning,


      I`m running ePo 4.5, Virusscan enterprise 8.7i, Agent 4.5.

      Actual Engine on all clients, old DAT files (5763) some days ago.

      Half of the clients were able to update DAT file to actual (6251) DAT. The other half are trying but run into an error message:

      Product Code: VIRUSSCAN8700

      Version 6251.0000

      Event ID: 2402

      "updates were not apllied because of a detection script download/verfication error"

      I´m not sure, what is meant with this and where to start fixing the problem.

      Maybe s.o. received this error before or knows where to look for a solution.


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          Laszlo G

          I've never seen this error message but what you can try is to check into your ePO repository a SuperDat and then deploy it to some computers and see if it overwrites their DAT. If that works then you can deplou it to every computer with outdate DAT and then they should update by themselves with the next DAT update task