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    Unable to remove 2010 MTP and upgrade to 2011.....HELP

      Hi there, I am trying to remove 2010 and upgrade to 2011 with windows 7 and having no luck.

      I have followed the instructions and this what happens. After removing programs and using removal tool, the computer becomes unstable and goes into safe mode. I have to use recovery to bring the OS back. Spent 2hrs with TSR etc and they say it is my operating system is defective. Call microsoft. Computer says windows has stopped working when I run the MVT. Therefore I am unable to run MVT. Customer service says its my problem and not theirs. the one thing I've learned from this is I will NEVER use McAfee again. At this point I just want to get the program off my computer and get a refund. So far I have 4 hrs invested into this and still no way out. Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks George.



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