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    Virus in my browser affecting my online banking and email, mcafee can't find it?

      Hi everyone hope you can help me


      So the last couple of days i have had trouble with my hotmail. It hasn't been load straight away, refreshing and forwarding and backing the page seemed to fix it. Thought it had something to do with msn or something. Anway, went to check my online banking today, did a similar thing, page wouldn't take me to my 'memorable info' unless i refreshed. When i get there the drop down options for 3 seperate characters are not there and the page asked me for the info in full, so i think it is just a random change the bank had done to keep me on my toes. I put the info in and it then ask me in 3 block red letters 3 now add the 1,3, 6  characters. i did this but my system won't take me any further as i know it knows it is a risk. I swiftly got on my ipod to change my passwords just to make sure.


      So i scan with mcafee, and even use windows malware removal tool, neither can find the problem.


      Is there anything i can do? It seems like a virus to me. A very clever one at that. i've searched for the zeus file names and nothing seems to come up. Ive paid my subscription for mcafee and damned if i am going to pay them another 50 pounds for someone to removed it! i simply can't afford it





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