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    How do you stop mcafee from removing a program?

      I have mlb2k9 and had purchased a editor from the site, when I 1st installed it everything worked fine. Then I noticed it was getting removed and it was being detected as a artemis virus. Each time I reinstall it removes it. I tried to turn off real time scanning  and disconnect my ethernet cable from modem so I was not connected to the internet. I was able to install and use the editor, but as soon as I connected it back and turned on scanning it removed it.


      Now doing the appove procedure does not work anymore, and instead of it detecting artemis it says generic dv!cql or close to that error. I have called mcaffe support on chat 4 times and they have not been able to help, thry tell me to email them at the address they provide. I have done that a few times and no results.


      I don't understand why I can't add this not to be scanned being it is my pc.It does not seem to be a way to add this to trusted apps or sites in internet security version I purchased last June from Mcafee web site.


      Does any one have a way to do this? I have saw other postings about artemis errors and not any resoulations, I am new to this site so I have not read everything.


      Any help would be appreacited. Thank you.



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          As far as i know you cant do that now.But I think the new version that is going to be released has that feature.You can send a sample to Mcafee to clear it.I will have to find the address for you.I would also run it through virustotal.com just to be safe.How big is the file?I think you can send it right from your Mcafee security center.There should be a button to send the file.I think it has to be under 3mb or 5mb.



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            Hello Joegia,


            When a file is scanned, McAfee VirusScan compares it to known threats. VirusScan also uses heuristic techniques to detect unusual behavior. When a file cannot be matched to a known threat, but exhibits unusual and possibly threatening behavior, VirusScan utilizes Artemis technology to evaluate the threat of the unknown file. If the file is deemed unsafe, VirusScan will quarantine the file to protect your computer.

            If you feel that VirusScan has incorrectly quarantined/removed  a file you know to be safe, you can submit the exe file to McAfee labs so as they get the file tested and submit back the report so as it doesnt get deleted in future updates.


            Please find the steps below to submit the files, probably if they are sent right ; you would receive a mail from McAfee labs through an intimating they have received the submission .You can send emails directly to our automated systems at virus_research@mcafee.com. If the automated system is unable to determine a threat exists then the issue will be escalated to McAfee analysts.





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              When I try to send that way it says error sending and supoort does not know why and has not fixed it.


              Thank you

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                Done that, but they have not helped so far, the respoce is the dat file I have should remove that file. I keep saying I want the file it is not a virus but do'nt seem to be making any headway.

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                  Hmmm , can you right click on that file and let me know its size ?

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                    Peter M

                    I just received a very strange email from the forums...please don't try that method but post your question here in the thread.


                    File exceptions are not permitted in the current consumer version but will be to a limited extent in the newer version currently undergoing beta testing.


                    The correct email for file submission is virus_research@mcafee.com - apologies.



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                      I can't right now as I am not at home, but here is the email from the labs.


                      McAfee Labs Sample Analysis


                      McAfee Labs, Automation


                      Thank you for submitting your suspicious file(s). We have determined that the
                      following submissions are handled by our AV signature DAT files.


                              Reference  : (Escalation) 6498183
                              File Name                    Findings            Detection              
                              =========                    ========            =========              
                              mlb2k9_roster_editor_0.24    detected            generic.dx!vqz         
                              VIL Link: Not available


                      DAT 6250 provides cover against all of the submissions shown above.


                      Solution -


                      To ensure that you have the maximum available capability of detecting and
                      cleaning this malware on your system, please make sure you have the latest


                      DAT updates are available at: http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/dat.asp


                      Support -


                      Virus Research accepts file samples for analysis and possible inclusion into AV
                      signature DAT sets. We are also prepared to answer general virus questions.


                      All product related questions and comments can be addressed through technical
                      support and customer service, including:


                      * Product installation and update questions
                      * Product usage questions
                      * Specific operating system/version questions
                      * Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans


                      Please use the following link to reach our technical support group for McAfee


                      Corporate Customers:


                      Single User/Retail Customers:




                      McAfee Labs
                      McAfee Labs Blog <http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/>
                      AudioParasitics - The Official PodCast of McAfee Labs <http://podcasts.mcafee.com/audioparasitics>
                      Safe online? Avoid dangerous web sites using McAfee SiteAdvisor™ -  a FREE
                      download from http://www.siteadvisor.com?cid=27092. Don't search or surf without

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                        Sorry,1st time using this. I do apoligize.

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                          Peter M

                          Forward that email to virus_research@mcafee.com adding the word FALSE in front of the header.

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